Brendan, his wife Robin, and daughter at the finish line.


“I figured this way the only person who would be hurt was me. The problem with that idea is that part of me died along with my son…and it pushed me so far into the depths of darkness that I didn’t believe there was a way out. This decision solidified in my mind that I was not worth loving by anyone."

"I am silent no more because it seems like now is the time to expose Planned Parenthood. I don't mean that in a vengeful way, but we can't keep letting them lie to themselves thinking they are helping women by providing this 'service.'"

The most important gift we give to the moms and children that we serve, is the gift of Hope. With Pope Francis’ visit to USA we were reminded of how important hope is and his beautiful words concerning hope. “Hope saves us from a disposable culture, people think differently when they have hope.’’ “There are different moments in life, but with hope you go forward and keep your eyes on what a waits you.” Today and every day, Bridge offers hope to all the young women that come through our door.

• A young girl who thinks she’s pregnant, and is afraid to tell her parents/ boyfriend
• A young homeless pregnant women
• An abused mother
• A young girl who is forced to either have an abortion or leave the house.

You can be part of this gift of hope. Please see our website for ways that you can help.

At The Bridge to Life, we understand this may be a difficult time for you.  We know you may be scared and may feel you have no place to turn, but you do.  Our staff is always willing to help and listen.  You always have a choice!  We provide counseling to help you know what choices you have.  We also offer a number of different services and encourage you to call us to discuss how we can help.

Feel empowered!  Our counseling and ongoing support will help you to make your decision.

Our goal is simple. We are working to save lives by providing support to women and men in need.  The Bridge to Life staff will help get you through this difficult time by providing physical, mental and material support.  We are here for you, call or schedule an appointment today


Bridge is Thankful for its Many Blessings

Our names are Sister Margaret O’Donnell CSJ and Sister Rosemary Kern CSJ. We live in Holy Family Parish in Flushing. Our parish hosted a Baby Bottle Drive to help raise money for The Bridge to Life. Having just retired from teaching, we were looking for some volunteer work. We checked that we received a phone call from Al Donohoe, the husband of Cathy Donohoe, who is the President of The Bridge to Life, thus began our journey at the Bridge.

We have been volunteering two days a week since 2006. Since Sister Eugenia Daley CSJ joined us in 2014. We do many and varied tasks, but our biggest job is dressing and emptying domain bottles, and bringing the money to the bank. We know that the clients who come to us are in dire need. We feel honored and blessed to be able to respond to the Cry of the Poor. 

Many thanks to the Monsignor Dillon Knights of Columbus Council for hosting their second annual pasta dinner on Tuesday June 23rd in support of our life-giving work at Bridge.  Pictured are knights from the council with Ralph Cefalo, GK,  Ed Wiensenberger, PGK, Catherine Donohoe, President of  Board of Directors of The Bridge to Life and Julia Chitos, Vice President. This was a wonderful way to celebrate life.