Facts about your unborn child that will amaze you!


  •     My heart is beating at 18 to 25 days.
  •     The foundation for my nervous system is in place at 20 days.
  •     My skeleton is complete at 42 days and I have reflexes.
  •     My brain waves can be detected as early as 43 days.
  •     At 8 weeks my brain and all body systems are present and I look like a miniature doll.
  •     During weeks 9 and 10 I squint, swallow and can make a fist.
  •     By the 11th and 12th weeks I am moving my arms and legs, sucking my thumb and breathing amniotic fluid. All my systems are working.
  •     My movements by 16 weeks are quite active and I can be seen performing somersaults on ultrasound but I’m not yet felt by my mother.
  •     From the 3rd month on nothing new develops. I continue to grow in size and by 20 weeks I have hair on my head, weigh 1 pound and I’m 12 inches tall.