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In the Aftermath of Assault, She Chose Life

 Can you imagine finding out that
you are pregnant after being raped?  I can’t.  

Find out what one courageous woman did,
and how she chose life for her daughter.  

“Forgiven and Set Free” Program Helps Post-Abortive Women

The movie Unplanned, which was released in late March 2019, tells the story of Abby Johnson, who joined Planned Parenthood while still in college, eventually becoming a very successful manager of a PP center in her home state of Texas.

Having two abortions herself, Abby had a change of heart when she was called in to help assist with an abortion and has since become a pro-life advocate. This powerful movie has sold out in movie theaters to record-level sales across the US, despite its “R” rating.

Since the release of Unplanned and, in NY State, the passage of the RHA (Reproductive Health Act) in January 2019, many women who hid their abortions from their families and friends are now stepping forward to tell of their experiences. Many are still grieving over the loss of their children, never able to forgive themselves.

For women who are still suffering, there’s a program entitled “Forgiven and Set Free,” which is run by the organization “Rachel’s Helpers”. In a recent interview on Currents TV, Pamela explained her experience as a post-abortive woman:

Click here for video link.

To learn more about Rachel’s Helpers, please contact them at 347-702-2352.

International Gift of Life Walk, March 25, 2019

Submitted by Catherine Donohoe
President, The Bridge To Life

With the early spring’s cool breezes, over 300 people walked through the Canyon of Heroes in New York City to let New York City know that not all of us are pro-abortion. Not all New Yorkers follow suit with the mayor and governor. We don’t think it’s moral or ethical to kill a child on their birthday! In fact, we think it’s absolutely inhumane.

I participated in the International Gift of Life Walk on the anniversary of our Lord’s Incarnation, the Annunciation, March 25th, 2019. We marched from Foley Square through the Canyon of Heroes. We made our presence know to people on their way to work. Bridge to Life had a presence.

This article was in this week’s Tablet. A story was featured on Currents news program Monday night. I was interviewed on camera.

Catherine Donohoe, MS, RN
President, Board of Directors
147-32 Sanford Ave. Flushing, NY 11355
W: 718.463.1810 C: 917.929.2752

“I was actually aborted and I survived.”

These were the words spoken by Melissa Ohden at the annual International Gift of Life Walk in Manhattan, March 25.

Fourty-one years ago, doctors performed a failed saline infusion abortion on Ohden’s birth mother.

“Of course they believed that when I was delivered in the final step of the abortion procedure that it had been successful, but I was accidentally born alive,” she said.

Ohden and hundreds of other pro-life activists, including many Knights of Columbus and members of the Diocese of Brooklyn, gathered in downtown Manhattan for the annual march focused on preserving life from conception to natural death.

Abortion Capital

New York has long been known as the abortion capital of America. Abort 73, a Christian organization that collects data on abortions, estimates that 239 children are killed every single day in the state.

Pro-life activists are alarmed by the high abortion rates and by new state laws that severely limit restrictions on abortions. Bridge to Life President Catherine Donohoe is now doing everything possible to push back. She says events like this send a strong message.

“To let people know, that all of New York doesn’t follow suit with our mayor and our governor who signed into bill RHA [Reproductive Health Act] that allows abortion up until the day of the baby’s birthday,” she said. “Now we are praying to save the babies, unborn and newly born.”

Event organizer Dawn Eskew, said the walk is a way to empower those with anti-abortion views who might be afraid to speak out.

“This is one way to encourage New Yorkers you need to speak,” said Eskew.

If you can’t speak about pro-life issues in the public or try to educate people in the public then we will never advance.”

Another Year, Another March to Protect Life!

By Cathy Donohoe, President Board of Directors

On Friday, January 18th, facing temperatures in the low 30’s and light snow, a group of marchers from Queens ventured to Washington DC for the 46th annual March for Life.  I organized and accompanied two buses which left Queens at 5:30 a.m., after a Mass celebrated for the unborn.  One bus was filled with young people – at least 12 who were attending for the first time.

We continue to march each year to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade — a decision from the Supreme Court legalizing abortion in our country. We march to stand up for the voiceless. We march for women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies. We march because we believe all people have the right to life and that their lives should be protected from conception ’til natural death.

Among the marchers were men and women conceived in rape whose mothers were courageous and believed that their children, regardless of how they were conceived, deserved the right to live.  We marched with women who regretted their abortions and told their stories at the Supreme Court.  We marched with prayer warriors who witness outside abortion facilities every week to encourage young women not to abort. We march with people like me who volunteer at women support centers throughout the country to encourage women to make life-affirming choices for their families.

Thank you to all the pilgrims that accompanied me to our capital. Next year we hope to have the same march and celebrate an end of Roe v. Wade.

Read more about the march:  “I Went to the March for Life.  Here are 7 Things I Saw” 

Unborn Lives are in even More Danger if NYS Passes RHA

With one party controlling all three houses of the State’s government, the passage of the Reproductive Health Act-RHA is on the horizon if those who believe in life can’t stop it.

While many people are praised and given heroic awards for saving lives: police, fire, Good Samaritans, to name a few, in New York State, it appears if one tries to save the life of an unborn child up until the ninth month of gestation, it could mean fines and/or prison terms.  Welcome to the ‘New’ New York.

RHA also gives authority to non-licensed physicians to perform abortions and also repeals protections for accidental live births and third trimester abortions.

Apparently, many of our NYS elected officials have forgotten the immortal words written by Thomas Jefferson in The Declaration of Independence:

“…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE , Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Click here to read more about RHA.  Then please take action to help protect both the unborn and their mothers!

Morning-After Pill in Vending Machines

Alice Lemos, Board of Directors, recently commented on a new development on college campuses: having the “morning after pill” available in vending machines. Her message is simple: the “pill” doesn’t solve everyone’s problems. At Bridge, while we’re not a medical facility, we try to holistically meet the needs of all mothers who visit us through material assistance, community referrals, and more. Check out Alice’s take:

Air Date on Net TV: Dec. 18, 2018

New York Post

“All I tell [women in need] is you have choices,” says The Bridge To Life’s Virginia Gallo. “I can help you with adoption… get you free medical care. It’s not all political.”

Please check out this article from the New York Post. It remains relevant and necessary. We are the largest provider of material assistance in the NYC area and our number one priority is to serve mothers who need our support and provide the resources they need to make informed decisions. Our mission is to ensure that mothers are able to raise their children in a loving and secure environment. We are here throughout their lives to carry their burdens and their joys with them. Thanks for the coverage, NY Post!

Teen Volunteers Connect Faith & Service in Brooklyn

Teens from throughout the Northeast descended upon the Diocese of Brooklyn, July 15 to fold clothes and give kids piggy-back-rides during a week of service organized by Young Neighbors in Action. Click the link to read the full article in The Tablet.