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In the Aftermath of Assault, She Chose Life

 Can you imagine finding out that
you are pregnant after being raped?  I can’t.  

Find out what one courageous woman did,
and how she chose life for her daughter.  

“Forgiven and Set Free” Program Helps Post-Abortive Women

The movie Unplanned, which was released in late March 2019, tells the story of Abby Johnson, who joined Planned Parenthood while still in college, eventually becoming a very successful manager of a PP center in her home state of Texas.

Having two abortions herself, Abby had a change of heart when she was called in to help assist with an abortion and has since become a pro-life advocate. This powerful movie has sold out in movie theaters to record-level sales across the US, despite its “R” rating.

Since the release of Unplanned and, in NY State, the passage of the RHA (Reproductive Health Act) in January 2019, many women who hid their abortions from their families and friends are now stepping forward to tell of their experiences. Many are still grieving over the loss of their children, never able to forgive themselves.

For women who are still suffering, there’s a program entitled “Forgiven and Set Free,” which is run by the organization “Rachel’s Helpers”. In a recent interview on Currents TV, Pamela explained her experience as a post-abortive woman:

Click here for video link.

To learn more about Rachel’s Helpers, please contact them at 347-702-2352.

A Community Comes to Dinner

By Mary Beth Topczynski, Board Member

In our ongoing fight to support the unborns’ right to life, it is nice to have a moment of reprieve to celebrate as a community.

On April 7th, we had that opportunity to celebrate and share our lives with others in our community of support at our 27th Annual Dinner Dance. What a magnificent afternoon of good food, good conversation, and good music and dancing. Over 30 wonderful raffle baskets tantalized our guests with goodies and gift certificates from local merchants. We also had silent auction items that stirred up the conversation with signed footballs from the New York Jets, an iPad Air and other fantastic items.

But mostly, it was the time we shared together as a community in fun and relaxation to honor those who also fight the good cause. This year’s honorees were the Msgr. Dillon Knights of Columbus Council #5872 and our memorial honoree, Barbara Meara whose plaque was accepted on her behalf by her family.

Save the date for our 28th Annual Dinner Dance moving to new month October 4, 2020!

Click here to see this year’s Dinner Dance event photos!

Cathy Donohue receives Sanctity of Life Honor

Catherine Donohoe was the Sanctity of Life honoree at the 2019 Lincoln Dinner hosted on March 24, 2019 by the Queens Village Republican Club.






Cathy Donohoe – Lincoln Dinner Acceptance Speech

International Gift of Life Walk, March 25, 2019

Submitted by Catherine Donohoe
President, The Bridge To Life

With the early spring’s cool breezes, over 300 people walked through the Canyon of Heroes in New York City to let New York City know that not all of us are pro-abortion. Not all New Yorkers follow suit with the mayor and governor. We don’t think it’s moral or ethical to kill a child on their birthday! In fact, we think it’s absolutely inhumane.

I participated in the International Gift of Life Walk on the anniversary of our Lord’s Incarnation, the Annunciation, March 25th, 2019. We marched from Foley Square through the Canyon of Heroes. We made our presence know to people on their way to work. Bridge to Life had a presence.

This article was in this week’s Tablet. A story was featured on Currents news program Monday night. I was interviewed on camera.

Catherine Donohoe, MS, RN
President, Board of Directors
147-32 Sanford Ave. Flushing, NY 11355
W: 718.463.1810 C: 917.929.2752

“I was actually aborted and I survived.”

These were the words spoken by Melissa Ohden at the annual International Gift of Life Walk in Manhattan, March 25.

Fourty-one years ago, doctors performed a failed saline infusion abortion on Ohden’s birth mother.

“Of course they believed that when I was delivered in the final step of the abortion procedure that it had been successful, but I was accidentally born alive,” she said.

Ohden and hundreds of other pro-life activists, including many Knights of Columbus and members of the Diocese of Brooklyn, gathered in downtown Manhattan for the annual march focused on preserving life from conception to natural death.

Abortion Capital

New York has long been known as the abortion capital of America. Abort 73, a Christian organization that collects data on abortions, estimates that 239 children are killed every single day in the state.

Pro-life activists are alarmed by the high abortion rates and by new state laws that severely limit restrictions on abortions. Bridge to Life President Catherine Donohoe is now doing everything possible to push back. She says events like this send a strong message.

“To let people know, that all of New York doesn’t follow suit with our mayor and our governor who signed into bill RHA [Reproductive Health Act] that allows abortion up until the day of the baby’s birthday,” she said. “Now we are praying to save the babies, unborn and newly born.”

Event organizer Dawn Eskew, said the walk is a way to empower those with anti-abortion views who might be afraid to speak out.

“This is one way to encourage New Yorkers you need to speak,” said Eskew.

If you can’t speak about pro-life issues in the public or try to educate people in the public then we will never advance.”

Day of mourning for the unborn – February 2019

Day of Mourning and Reparation for the Sin of Abortion
By Cathy Donohoe, President Board of Directors

What a wonderful day of prayer was held in Albany on February 23, 2019, where the RHA was signed into law a month ago January 22, 2019. It was not just signed into law, it was celebrated with loud cheers and standing ovations. The governor of NYS even demanded the Freedom Tower be lit up in pink!

I was blessed to represent The Bridge To Life in a day filled with prayer, fasting, worship, and witness. It wasn’t a day for rallies or marches or fundraising or political gatherings. It was a day to tell God how sorry we are for what our country is doing to His children.

Our Lord has blessed the United States with tremendous gifts, the most precious being the gift of life. We are whittling away at the protections that all human life should be receiving as United States citizens. In our United States right now, an unborn child is not considered a human being with the unalienable right to life. The child now doesn’t have the right to life if the mother had intended to abort them. If they survive the botched abortion, they can be left to die!

In response to this, many pastors from around New York State encouraged all in attendance to pray for our legislators as well as to support our many women support centers like The Bridge to Life. We were told to pray for our enemies, and to be kind to them.

Let us pray that we continue to have supporters that believe in the mission of Bridge to assist women in making life-affirming choices for their families. Let us pray that our doors will remain open while women are in need.