“Forgiven and Set Free” Program Helps Post-Abortive Women

The movie Unplanned, which was released in late March 2019, tells the story of Abby Johnson, who joined Planned Parenthood while still in college, eventually becoming a very successful manager of a PP center in her home state of Texas.

Having two abortions herself, Abby had a change of heart when she was called in to help assist with an abortion and has since become a pro-life advocate. This powerful movie has sold out in movie theaters to record-level sales across the US, despite its “R” rating.

Since the release of Unplanned and, in NY State, the passage of the RHA (Reproductive Health Act) in January 2019, many women who hid their abortions from their families and friends are now stepping forward to tell of their experiences. Many are still grieving over the loss of their children, never able to forgive themselves.

For women who are still suffering, there’s a program entitled “Forgiven and Set Free,” which is run by the organization “Rachel’s Helpers”. In a recent interview on Currents TV, Pamela explained her experience as a post-abortive woman:

Click here for video link.

To learn more about Rachel’s Helpers, please contact them at 347-702-2352.

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