Month: February 2019

Day of mourning for the unborn – February 2019

Day of Mourning and Reparation for the Sin of Abortion
By Cathy Donohoe, President Board of Directors

What a wonderful day of prayer was held in Albany on February 23, 2019, where the RHA was signed into law a month ago January 22, 2019. It was not just signed into law, it was celebrated with loud cheers and standing ovations. The governor of NYS even demanded the Freedom Tower be lit up in pink!

I was blessed to represent The Bridge To Life in a day filled with prayer, fasting, worship, and witness. It wasn’t a day for rallies or marches or fundraising or political gatherings. It was a day to tell God how sorry we are for what our country is doing to His children.

Our Lord has blessed the United States with tremendous gifts, the most precious being the gift of life. We are whittling away at the protections that all human life should be receiving as United States citizens. In our United States right now, an unborn child is not considered a human being with the unalienable right to life. The child now doesn’t have the right to life if the mother had intended to abort them. If they survive the botched abortion, they can be left to die!

In response to this, many pastors from around New York State encouraged all in attendance to pray for our legislators as well as to support our many women support centers like The Bridge to Life. We were told to pray for our enemies, and to be kind to them.

Let us pray that we continue to have supporters that believe in the mission of Bridge to assist women in making life-affirming choices for their families. Let us pray that our doors will remain open while women are in need.