Our names are Sister Margaret O’Donnell CSJ and Sister Rosemary Kern CSJ. We live in Holy Family Parish in Flushing. Our parish hosted a Baby Bottle Drive to help raise money for The Bridge to Life. Having just retired from teaching, we were looking for some volunteer work. We checked that we received a phone call from Al Donohoe, the husband of Cathy Donohoe, who is the President of The Bridge to Life, thus began our journey at the Bridge.

We have been volunteering two days a week since 2006. Since Sister Eugenia Daley CSJ joined us in 2014. We do many and varied tasks, but our biggest job is dressing and emptying domain bottles, and bringing the money to the bank. We know that the clients who come to us are in dire need. We feel honored and blessed to be able to respond to the Cry of the Poor. 



  • From a seventeen-year old mother who was counseled: She later came in seeking clothing and formula for her now nine-month old son. She reminded me what I said to her, “I will be there for you not only during pregnancy, but whenever you need me.” She told me, “You have definitely lived up to your promise.”
  • A caring and generous grandmother called and wanted to know what we needed for Christmas. She only wanted to donate to Bridge. Because of her, we received many wonderful needed baby items.
  • Since I first walked in to volunteer in 1995, The Bridge to Life has become a permanent, vital part of my life. As a former nurse, I had always been very pro-life, but I knew I had to do something to help. I loved Bridge from the beginning because they don’t just say, “Abortion is bad,” but are prepared to help solve the problems that led the girl or woman to feel that an abortion was her only choice. In a crisis pregnancy it is easy for her to feel overwhelmed, but talking with an understanding, knowledgeable person can be a tremendous help in sorting things out. She comes to realize that with the help that Bridge can give, she can avoid the horror of abortion. She knows that we will always be there with material help, a referral or just a listening ear.That’s why I show up each week. Whether I’m sorting children’s clothes, checking on whether or not we have a crib or a bumper set, or figuring out how to fold a stroller, I know that what I’m doing supports the life of a young family.