Queens College Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority is manning a Bridge to Life   table at the their Super Woman information day for women's history month.  The girls are trying to help influence the students about the importance of making life giving choices.  They also took up a collection for our work.  Some of the same girls donated their time last week to help us change our seasonal clothes. 

A big thank you to Kappa  Sigma members, Lambro Mano and Gurjeet Sahota from Queens College and two sorority members from Phi Sigma Sigma, Catherine Donohoe and Anjlie Bala.
You won't believe how much work was done!
Over one hundred bags were brought  down and shelved. Over 200 bags brought up!!  All our bins are full and ready for our Moms.

One of our faithful volunteers knits  a new baby sweater for us each week.  Look at all the love and detail that goes into each original sweater.
At Bridge, we love all on moms and babies.

Bridge to Life volunteers travel to our state legislature in Albany to encourage our senators to stop Gov. Cuomo's abortion expansion legislation. Pictured are Kimberly Giuliani, Mike Mullaney and Catherine Donohoe.


Little Damari came to visit us today with his Mom and Grandma. He's one of our special little guys who was born at 30 weeks weighing 2 lbs. 15 oz..  Now he's 6 1/2 months, and he's a solid 13 pounds!!   His Mom was very grateful for all the clothes and much needed supplied she was able go go home with.

As always, "Bridge" wouldn't be able to supply our Moms with material  assistance without our benefactors.  Thank you.