A family from Pakistan  came to Bridge today for assistance. They are refugees fleeing their native country because of religious intolerance. We are humbled to be able to help such devout people.   Mr. Rafique asked if we could assist him in sending some much needed clothing back to Pakistan. We are going to network with his organization. Pictured are The family and Mary, one of our longtime volunteers.
She is one of the little angels.  

Children from St. Gregory the Great, in Bellerose, NY are returning baby bottles from their first baby bottle campaign in their school. The children were very excited to be able to help other children.

Pictured are Jessica and John Paul Maderick,  with their Mom, Janet Maderik and President, Cathy Donohoe.

So happy to give her a coat to show off one of our newest moms, Tatiana and her beautiful baby daughter. Daughter is six days old! 

Sarah, Sarah and Rebekka from St. Agnes High school.

Madaline, Kimberly, Sal and Michael

Part of the group representing the Brooklyn Diocese at the 2015 March for Life on Washington DC. We march to speak up for the unborn children that don't have a voice.

Pamela , Cathy and Kimberly

Michael Conigliano, past candidate for NY State Senator, Catherine  Donohoe, and Anthony