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May 2017 - Bridge to Life Remembers Bishop Daily (1927 - 2017)

Bishop Thomas V. Daily visits and blesses The Bridge to Life September 2000.

Pictured from left to right our then Executive Director and founders, Eleanor Ruder, Cathy Donohoe, President of the Board of Directors, Catherine Donohoe, Claudia Goncalves, Maria Goncalves holding her daughter Raquel, Mary Grace Donohoe, and Bishop Thomas V. Daily.

The bishop loved to see the babies and their moms. He wouldn't hesitate to bless them. He thanked them for choosing life.









1999 Holy Family Parish, Flushing, received the ProVita Award from the Diocese of Brooklyn. 

Pictured our Cathy Donohoe, chairperson of the Respect Life Committee and current president of the Bridge to Life; Monsignor Joseph Stafford, the first pastor to invite Eleanor Ryder from The Bridge to Life to speak to his congregation.

Prayer vigil outside Saint Agnes Church in Manhattan.   The Rosary was offered for the unborn and their moms.

This is how I would like to remember Bishop Daily. He would tell us that the power of the Rosary can close abortion centers. The Rosary and prayers can open hearts to allow the Holy Spirit to work.

Enjoy some of the children that have come in on Wednesdays.





Cathy Donohoe, with Carl Anderson, the Supreme Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.







Brendan, his wife Robin, and daughter at the finish line.