Bridge’s New Website Offers Blog

Bridge’s new website will host a blog, BridgeChronicles to keep donors and supporters informed of all that’s happening with and for Bridge as well as its women and families. 

“Our goal for the blog is for it to contain photos and stories about any events, our volunteers’ work in and outside of Bridge for our families as well as stories about our families and other topics that are relevant to our mission,” states Mary Beth Topczynski, Board Member and Project Manager for the new website.

She continues, “The new website is more user-friendly in that offers a simple, clean design which is easy to navigate and easy for users to locate the information they need.  With that in mind, many areas of the new website outside of the Calendar and Events areas won’t need constant updating. The blog will be used to host those frequent content updates.” 

Additional story photos (if any) will be contained in a photo gallery which will be accessible from a link within the blog write-up or from the Site Map link found in the site footer. 

Check it out now! 

Get Involved

We have many ways to Get Involved at Bridge.  If you’re a doer or hands-on person, you can volunteer your time and skills on-site or off-site.  We have people who come to sort our donations to those physically strong to carry donations up and down to our storage room. We need computer savvy individuals who also know Microsoft Office to help with data entry to graphic artists that can design brochures and event invites. 

As an agency, we wouldn’t be able to provide for our clients if we didn’t receive item donations for moms and babies. Many groups even hold baby showers for our clients.  And, of course, no organization can survive without the generosity of its donors. These funds keep the doors open and the lights on! 

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